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Recently, the field of communication and information technology witnessed a major shift towards development, enhancement, and evolution. These developments managed to improve lifestyle and increase the demand on finding a special environment that includes improved technologies through gathering both domains; theoretical framework and Applied practical framework.


  1. Our Vision

Our target vision revolves around reaching the state of being the leading entity in the field of presenting, providing, and building training and consultation services that may have the ability to help consumers and business holders to accomplish their goals and bring their previously set objectives into reality.

  1. Our Mission

In the field of creativity and innovation, we are energized to present between your hands the latest and most up-to-date compute training which rhymes and latest tendencies and orientations in the field of technology and what comes behind it, we are ready to present in front of you the most flexible, cost-effective, convenient and profound training programs that will have the power and the well to close the gap, elevate the technological skills and support your previous knowledge on the bases of mutual trust and support that we will be sure to form through the teaching/learning process that we'll form. 

  1. Aim & Objectives

  • Qualify trainees and support them with scientific, practical, and advanced skills in different majors.
  • Increase the qualification of the trainees in their field through sensing their training requirements.
  • Sustain cooperation and coordination relations with the public and the private companies in the field of their concern based on continuous learning and training.
  • Provide consultation and survey studies that are specialized in the field of communication, management, and finance.
  • Train the trainees to obtain the skill of the decision-making process in a successful way (design-supervise-execute…)
  • Involve the public and the private sectors in executing and support the training programs.