M.Sc Computer Science

Innovation is something I strive for, It's a place where creative imagination lives and great things come from. Innovation is what drives me every day to think smarter, work harder, and live happier.
Smart systems are the main product I work on. In coordination with my team, I perform the tasks of Business Analyst, System Analyst, System Architect, Project Manager, and software engineering to deliver high quality products, where we work using Agile methodologies in all development levels.
Developing smart systems from scratch & integrating smart technologies with the already existing systems is what I do.
When developing a product from scratch, I ensure using the up to date technologies & methodologies to deliver a product with the most modern features and capabilities. While when integrating smart products (such as mobile solutions or apps), I perform reverse engineering to determine how the current system or product works and the best methodologies and technologies to use in the integration process to produce a flawless fully functioning product.