• From Idea to Startup: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

    Are you interested in starting your own business? Or learning about entrepreneurship? Or applying the entrepreneurial spirit in your current job?


    In this course we will examine the dynamic process of creating and building an entrepreneurial start-up throughout its life cycle: from idea to start-up. We will examine new start-up ideas, their sources and how to evaluate them. We will analyse innovative business models, and how to design your own business model and value proposition. We will learn how to identify your target market and customers, and design your marketing strategy including pricing and distribution channels. We will examine the start-up financing strategy, including the sources and types of funding that you can receive such as angel investments and venture capital; and your fund raising plan. We will discuss the start-up operations and how to set-up up and manage your business operations, technology and human resources. We will conclude by discussing the start-up future plan. In cases of success – we will discuss the different growth strategies that you can deploy; and in cases of failure – we will discuss how you can fail safely and get back to market again.


    Throughout this course, we will use numerous case studies of Arab entrepreneurs and discuss their journey to start and grow their companies. We will also identify resources that can help you as you start your business.

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