• Accounting for Non-Accountants

    Accounting is considered one of the most important new sciences, covering the need of all types of corporations, companies, governments and individuals.

    With the goal of enabling learners of the financial statements generated, to understand and interpret, in order to better manage their funds. These users are: Investors, Management, Suppliers, Customers, governments, employees.

    In this course we will be covering:

    • IFRS Compliance in the world's corporate and governments
    • Role of IFRS in maintaining stability of capital markets
    • IFRS application and the users of these financial statements:
    • Creditors, Investors, Management and governments
    • Income statement components
    • Balance sheet statement components
    • Book value and Equity
    • Differences between profits and Cash
    • Differences between book value and market value
    • Business cycles within companies
    • Difference between Capital and Working Capital
    • Statement of Cash Flows Definition
    • Interconnection between Cash Flows and other Financial Statements
    • Financial Analysis techniques

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