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Cazador is a smart recruitment platform, it’s a tool to lead you to a shortcut into the hiring process, 30 seconds is what we oer for job seekers through smart icons that make it easier for recruitment agencies and organizations to choose a new member to join them in their journey to success away from shocks and disappointments...
Professionals gathered to make a revolution in the world of recruitment, Cazador gives job seekers the chance to express their competencies and career aspirations for companies by creating their own 30-second video-CV so they can now guarantee that they have passed their first interview, and access a world of opportunities through Cazador, not only it helps job seekers find their dream job, but it also makes the hiring process easy for HR professionals and managers. Cazador does all the hiring work for you, helping your HR employees do more beneficial tasks related to developing employees and enhancing the growth of your company. It can significantly improve your HR function by aiding you in the process of finding, recruiting and retaining employees.