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InSyS Technology aims to boost the communication means between humans by developing intelligent systems able to detect their emotions and use these emotions for better interaction between humans and with machines, we believe detecting and utilizing these emotions will promote humans' interactions since human emotions define their behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes. Such systems can solve many problems like; autism children or coma patients miscommunication problems with their doctors, parents, and community. Also, minimizing cost and complexity of security checkpoints by detecting individuals’ negative emotions which define the threat prior its occurrence, this will dramatically decrease the occurrence of criminal and terrorist attacks, thus saving lives and property. In addition to improving gaming industry, customer experience, and employee hiring process by increasing their satisfaction according to their emotions. Moreover, adding a new feature for the existent social media platforms will be a breakthrough since we are dealing with transmitting emotions via the internet rather than voice or videos. Finally, such systems can improve humans mood or psychological status especially for individuals in crises regions like Palestine, Syria, and others where humans faced critical situations that affect their life and accordingly their decision-making ability, productivity, and resilience.