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iTank is a Jordanian startup founded in 2017 and dedicated to developing innovative hardware and software technologies that give consumers total tank level monitoring systems for their storage tanks (liquid & solid) through their smartphone.


Our tank level monitoring system & iTank hardware products, combined with a cloud-based platform and the iTank mobile application (iOS & Android), comprise of a comprehensive, remote, real-time tank level monitoring system, offering users unparalleled levels of accuracy and reliability over their home/commercial tanks; all delivered in one affordable, accessible, easy-to-use package.


Capitalizing on the rising interest in the “Internet of Things” is of vital importance.  It has catapulted remote tank monitoring into a million dollars market.  Now there is a demand for simple, affordable remote tank monitoring solutions in a market that is currently controlled by expensive, unreliable and inaccessible monitoring systems. That is why iTank is positioned to become an undisputed leader in the remote tank monitoring market in the years to come.