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A versatile Platform connecting Researchers from Academia with Industry, specifically Healthcare and Food industry under the name of Jordanian Academia Industry Platform (JAIP).

The greatest advancements in an industrial society come as a result of crystallizing research outcomes from universities into a tangible product or service.

JAIP aims to become an Academia-Industry unique Jordanian Platform that connect both parties and provide them with professional services and Business consultation

The greatest advancements in industrial society come as a result of universities creativity and as crystallization to research ideas coming from researchers in the field.

JAIP aims to provide a real case link between Academia  and Industry by creating a platform for dialogue to drive innovation and cooperation.

At JAIP, our aim is to help facilitate the transfer of university knowledge across the industrial sectors in Jordan in order to positively impact society.

JAIP also aims to provide the researchers with business consultation and market requirements

Moreover, JAIP aims to provide the industrial sector with the scientific, regulatory and knowhow services to commercialise researcher's projects matching their market demands 

Researchers: Our platform acts as a tool for university researchers to distribute potentially groundbreaking research, direct to relevant industry contacts that have the ability to collaborate with and commercialize them.

Our system will introduce them to the right industry partner, or gaining their feedback, helps university teams find more effective routes to commercialisation.

Our system will approve each industry professional that uses our platform to ensure that every introduction we provide is meaningful and productive.

For industry, our system enables business development managers, R&D Professionals to view university technologies in one simple interface, and when something is of interest, gain an introduction to the right university contact efficiently to ask questions and start a conversation.

Our team will have direct relationships with each technology transfer team in our platform, meaning that all the opportunities we showcase are available and ready for industry interaction.