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Kaleela application came to life the moment when the founders noticed that there are no reliable resources to teach Arabic, while honoring the language and culture as well. The app was built having in mind the 5 language learning skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture. 

Trying to satisfy a larger audience, besides the Modern Standard Arabic (FusHa) courses, Kaleela introduced dialects as well, as there was an obvious gap in the market. These include Jordanian-Palestinian, Syrian, Egyptian and Iraqi, soon Moroccan and Saudi dialects to be added. Furthermore, the Arabic courses are available in many languages, making it easier for users to learn Arabic. Some of the languages are English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Turkish. Currently working on adding new languages as well (German in the works).

Also, the Arabic alphabet is taught in a unique way. Besides exemplifying the letters and how they sound, Kaleela focuses on calligraphy, showing the student what is the proper path to follow in order to write the letters cursively. 

A unique feature of Kaleela that no other app possesses is the presence of the grammar course, which constantly gets enhanced with new lessons.

As we are constantly working on adding new material (dialects and languages), the app's courses are sectioned on levels, from beginner to advanced. Currently there are 8 levels available. Soon a new level will be launched: the Listening course for advanced students.