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What most people don’t know is that there is a huge challenge for the Deaf community worldwide, that’s illiteracy, reading and writing does not come naturally for the Deaf community because written and spoken words are a second language to the Deaf. The mother language for a Deaf person is his community’s visual three-dimensional language. 80% of the Deaf population have no access to any form of education, so the majority cannot read or write! Without sign language, they are derived from the rich content available for others on the internet and all types of media.

We operate in the assistive technologies sector for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH). We developed avatars that translate text/speech to sign language. The avatars were first being used on the individual level, in the form of two mobile apps: one for American Sign Language, the other for Arabic SL. Shortly afterwards, we realized the actual profound potential this technology had beyond the individual level; the avatars were waiting to be released and spread on the bigger, institutional level. We completed a customized solution for pharmacies, and only recently, the first websites rolled out our avatars integrated to provide the content in Arabic Sign Language for the first time in the world.