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Softina Co. is a private limited liability company, the company is working to train and qualify the largest possible number of Jordanian and Arab young men and women through an integrated training program, to be at the forefront of practicing professionals in the natural products and cosmetics industry.

Our endeavor has always been to reach people from different segments of society who face difficulties in finding job opportunities that enable them to secure the basics of life, and we are committed to helping them achieve their full potential through our training courses and our work program by giving them the opportunity to start their businesses first, market their products secondly, and make a profit By using their skills and finally using minimal resources, which will positively affect their income and contribute to reducing unemployment at the local level.


In Softina, we are committed to supporting women in general, and housewives in particular, and we recognize the importance of empowering women and granting them economic independence and stability. This will play a major role in nurturing an ambitious generation that understands the effective role of women in building society and the family.