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UniOrders is a powerful, quick, and simple orders and inventory management platform that connect pharmacies with their suppliers, which increase visibility and control of all orders management processes. UniOrders customers benefit from increased accuracy, reduced orders processing costs, and resolved real-time issues that come up every day. UniOrders also speed up fulfillment and accelerate your team's performance. With our powerful orders and Invoices management features, you can increase sales and fulfill orders efficiently.

There is a huge gap between the newest technologies and what already have been used in the pharmaceutical industry, as still until now the old and manual way is the dominant of their processes which waste their time, efforts, and money. In line with global standards of professionalism and quality as well as to demonstrate this industry’s role in supporting other industries and contributing to the national economy we build our solution!

Our solution “UniOrders” understands the difficulty of obtaining direct access to supplying pharmacies at all times, we have also taken into consideration the fact that more than 80% of pharmacies in Jordan are prone to delays and miscommunications on the behalf of their suppliers by traditional way of ordering over phone, and at the end will interferes with its supplying services to their patients.


Key Benefits:

  • Save Processing Order Time.
  • Easy Access To Information.
  • Increased Accuracy.
  • Faster Shipping.
  • Increased Data Control.
  • Great Impression And Impact.
  • Boost Sales.
  • Improve Knowledge For All.
  • Build Trust And Grow Confidence
  • Accelerate Team Performance.